Vanderbilt: Preferring the Frat Over Faith

If you haven’t heard, Vanderbilt University is waging an all-out war on the Christ that founded their school.  Al Mohler in a recent article entitled “Secularism with the Gloves Off” explains how the university continues to assault its own religious organizations.  He writes:

In more recent months, Vanderbilt’s administration decided to push secularism to the extreme –launching a virtual vendetta against religious organizations on campus. Officials of the university informed religious groups that had been recognized student organizations that they would have to comply with an absolute non-discrimination policy. This means that religious organizations (primarily Christian) must now allow any Vanderbilt student to be a candidate for a leadership office, regardless of religious beliefs or sexual orientation. In other words, a Christian student group would be forced to allow the candidacy of an atheist. A group of Christians who believe in the Bible’s standard of sexual morality would be required to allow the candidacy of a homosexual member. There can be absolutely no discrimination, the university insists, even if that means that Christian organizations are no longer actually Christian.

I’m waiting for some male there on campus to come forwards and demand permission to use the female bathroom.  Why not?  This policy is targeting all kinds of discrimination, right?  Or maybe a freshman should stand up and demand to be allowed to teach his pre-calculus class?  Or a female should insist on being next year’s starting quarterback for the varsity football team?  No discrimination means no discrimination…. Right?


You see, Vanderbilt University is only concerned about Christian organizations.  Ironically, their anti-discrimination policy is, explicitly, discriminatory.  Mohler continues:  “The issue is not really tolerance. If so, the university would have to deal with the most intolerant and exclusivist organizations on campus –the recognized fraternities and sororities. As David French of National Review has argued, those recognized student organizations are allowed to discriminate on any ground at all, including appearance and wealth.” (You can read French’s full article here.)

But Vanderbilt is proud to prefer Frats to people of faith.  While I object to such an obviously incoherent policy, I realize that this is just the signs of the times. Vanderbilt is only responding to the popular liberal/secular agenda that has already swept across their campus and the American landscape. Their policy is just taking the lid off the steaming pot that has been ready to boil over for decades. What this means, however, is that Vanderbilt is not likely to be an isolated incident.

“What we see at Vanderbilt University is secularism with its gloves off. In the name of tolerance, it will not tolerate orthodox Christian conviction. The university now comes full circle and forces off campus the only organizations that hold to the Christian beliefs of the school’s founders. Look carefully at Vanderbilt’s intolerance. Be assured that it is coming soon to a campus near you.”

Read more here.


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